Welcome to my contact page

...or possibly my social-media landing page.

I'm a writer/blogger and family counselor from Sweden. Most of my stuff is on the web. English an Swedish are my main languages. I blog about the web, which I'm crazy about. Here's the reason for this page:

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but there you go. It beats havimg to set up profiles everywhere I go. I live and work around Stockholm, Sweden. I logged on to the Internet in the mid 90's and was intrigued by the possibilitys. After that I just kept going. I tried Linux and was hooked (but use Windows, mostly). I consider myself an amateur in everything to do with computers but I have learned a lot on the way. My main fields of interest today are Network InterventionTherapy, which is a branch of the Systemic Therapy tree, the web (and social media) and writing about these things (and others)

My personal blog is here: Kattkorgen

Pictures on Flickr: My Flickr



Social Media

I'm on Twitter, of course :). You can look me up in places like Twitter and Facebook. For notes in English, try this blog.What else is there? FriendFeed! Look me up everywhere. I have kids and granddaughter. The Kid blogs here (in Swedish).

This page will be a work in progress. I'd like to mention some people I follow and admire and some details about why I think social networking isn't just a game. Well, it is a game but it's an important game. The quality and size of your social network affects your physical and mental health. Being together and sharing the rough and the smooth is in our biology.

I'm trying to import my Delicous bookmarks to another page. Check them out here.



There are plenty of people who have inspired me along the way. Here are just a few.

Harry Ring, used to write for The Militant, a socialist weekly. He wrote a column called The Great Society. I'm sure he would've been a blogger if blogs had been around.

David Winer, all but invented the blog, he still blogs att: Scripting News. He also developed RSS as we know it.

Doc Searls is editor of The Linux Journal and a blogger (lnk). Here is more about Doc. He is also co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto.

Linda Plamer is a net-savvy artist. She moves between the web and the canvas and back again. You can see her new project here, at ponor.info.

She's got an interesting project going. She'll tell you if you ping her on Twitter,






Skype: cjeanderson
Gtalk: je.jonas @ gmail.com (you'll have to pull things together to make it work)
I move between different computers and operating systems. Gtalk is the best bet for IM